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Quarantine #1

From March 17, I am working from home except 2 days. Generally I went to outside for compulsory needs. It was daily half or maybe max one hour. First week was very efficient for me. Second week is neither good nor bad. But this week was totaly wasted time. Because time by time phsically and mentally you are losing time flowing. What time to eat, what time to sleep or get up. My flat is total 70 mt square and my room is 8 mt square. So room is fairishly like dungeon. Especially, time stopped yesterday. What was I am watching or eating or listening or doing something.
Actually these times are treasure for me. Because, no one can disturb, distract me. And there is no work’s road time, not to talk people, not to thinking what will I wear tomorrow stuff.
So I had to use this time. But It didn’t do like that.
And then today, I woke up with different feelings according to past others. Actually, the weather situation is very impressing me generelly. Despite the clouds were covered all sky, temperature is a little warmy, coming some twitter sound from somewhere. All indicators show the spring is hiding behind the cloudy weather. But it is there, I can feel it.
These type of weather reminds me Croatian farm house mornings and also Amsterdam ordinary day standarts. Calmy, focusable, zero stress and what you need that to pick up your deep mind clearly.
I promise to myself at past year. Till to 30 years old (sounds like sucks), I am going to move abroad with a job. Not temporarly or not for a trip or not with volunteering stuff.
So I am trying to optimazing my willings according to this aim. Mostly I am failing but trying to remember, keep mode high and to use my energy sustainable.

So all these gibble-gabble lay aside, I remembered real inner voice today.
Work hard, never waste your time, keep mode high, don’t fall into time flowing.
While you’re doin’ this, keep focus and never relase yourself.
Just produce something, little by little, get result and show it.

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